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Why become a Lean Enterprise?

In this workshop we discuss accelerating change, the rise of the startup, learning organisations and digital transformation.

The rate of change in business is accelerating. The average time a company stays on the S&P500 index has gone from 61 years in 1958 to 18 years in 2011. At the same time we see innovative startup companies quickly go from nowhere to, in some cases, the eradication (or evolution in to something new) of entire markets.

In this rapidly changing business environment, the “operating system” of companies need to be updated. In this session we take a deeper look at what abilities are needed in order to survive and prosper in this landscape. We look at the fundamental differences between an organisation where the dominating mindset is control versus one where it is learning. We also look at how digital transformation and the startup mindset is creating a new breed of super companies – the exponential organisations.

The session contains a self reflecting exercise to discover the current mindset of the organisation.

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