Level up your agile efforts

Do you have a team that is already running an agile process such as Scrum, but struggling with achieving the desired effect?


Or, do you want to establish a more data-driven and customer focused way of working?


Our goal is a team that is…

  • . . .outcome focused rather than activity focused.
  • . . .growth oriented and data-driven.
  • . . .curious and hungry for new ways to create customer value.
  • . . .passionate to do the work.


We help a team build better products and an organisation innovate by coaching people in the LUNA habits and help establish a lean mindset.


Typically we start out with defining the why of the team. Who are you building the product for and what impact do you want to achieve? Can we measure that impact so that we know that we are creating the value we promise the user to create?


Measuring the customer benefit is essential to understand if we are making meaningful progress and have a better product today than we had yesterday.


We work with product owners, scrum masters, the team and business stakeholders to align them all in creating value for the customer.




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