Lean Forward Maturity Model

The Lean Forward Maturity model can be used to assess an organisation or a team on how ready they are for an agile or digital transformation.

It is based on three capabilities:

  • SMART – the speed at which the organisation can learn.
  • BOLD – how innovative and open for risk the organisation is.
  • HEART – how engaging and empathetic the organisation is.

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Being SMART means being able to learn at high velocity. A SMART organization is aware of what happens around it, can use that awareness to learn how to create new value and constantly do tests and experiments to explore even more.


Being BOLD is about having the courage to challenge the status quo but also about being the leader who can set a direction and a goal. A BOLD organisation knows its weaknesses but never let them stop it from making impact.


An organisation that has HEART also has engagement and commitment from employees as well as customers. It almost feels like a community or a tribe more than a business. Having purpose brings out the best in people. Thus, not having it is – waste.