Achievement and Reality Models

There are two mental models that an entrepreneur or product builder needs to be good at juggling with:

– The achievement model – the goals and outcomes, the impact we want to make.

– The reality model – our core business assumptions and current best knowledge of our customer.

The first one is where you use a framework such as Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) to set goals that are interconnected and aligns the organisation towards maximum impact.

The second one is where popular models such as business model canvas, customer journey maps and proto personas are used. These models give you a structure for your assumptions (which is what they are – so be aware of the level of certainty for everything you put on your canvas of choice).

The trick is then to connect the two so that the more you learn about your reality model, the better you become at making impact and reaching your goals.

Erik Starck

Erik is a Lean Forward partner and the CEO of the company.