We help teams build better products and organisations innovate.

With one foot in the startup ecosystem and another in large enterprises, we combine the best of the two worlds to help ambitious organisations prosper in a time of accelerating change.

The practices we apply have their roots in agile development processes, UX, lean startup and design thinking.

We firmly believe that businesses today need a new “operating system”, one that makes them bolder, smarter and purpose-driven.

We are based in Malmö, Sweden, and we would love to help your business level up how you build products and innovate. Get in touch with us.

Erik Starck

Erik Starck. CEO. Born 1976. Started his first company in 1998 (exit in 2000) and has been in love with entrepreneurship since then. What do you call the place in the intersection of digitalization, innovation and product development? Whatever you call it, that’s where Erik feels at home. M.Sc. Software Engineering (1999). LinkedIn. Twitter. Medium.

Email: erik@leanforward.se
Phone: +46734-168133

Peter Berggren

Peter Berggren. Born 1971. With a passion for people and creative environments, Peters’ main focus is on making work a place where you can achieve wonders and create magic. A long time UX & Human Computer Interaction specialist, and as such a passionate practitioner & believer of strategic experimentation, customer development & experience design. Has a few startups behind him, both as CEO & co-founder. LinkedIn.
Email: peter@leanforward.se
Phone: +46704-676200


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Simon Winter. With a Ph.D. in cognitive science, Simon understands human behaviour on a deep level and is passionate about making technology and humans work better together. Has a keen interest in visualization of data to make the complex seem simple.


David Degbor. David is a growth catalyst in the true sense of the word. He’s equally passionate about growth in business as in individuals. You will often find him tinkering with his 3D printer to come up with new solutions for sustainable living or in front of the Facebook Ads UI to experiment his way towards business success.


Anna Lundbergh is a leadership consultant with a special interest in closing the gap between strategy, culture and performance. As the founder of Teal for Teal Malmö, Anna is at the forefront of the next generation organisational design.