Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy

Too much uncertainty? Too many options? Difficult to find the right way forward?

What you need is to sharpen your Entrepreneurial Leadership skills!

Think and act like an Entrepreneur


Embrace change and know your customer – those are the key components in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

During our 12 week program we deep dive in to areas such as…

Outcome oriented management.

Experimenting for learning at a high pace.

Navigating uncertainty.

Aligning the team.

Customer modelling for better understanding.

Fuel your purpose engine.

Transform the mindset.

Learn more about organisational mindsets.

Are you ready to embrace change?

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of your customer?

Are you ready to explore new opportunities with controlled risk?

Are you ready to become an Entrepreneurial Leader?

Send us a message and get started!


The program consists of 12 sessions and we recommend at least one week in between each session.


We can host the sessions at our office in Malmö or at your place.


The program is suitable for managers in large companies, startup CEOs, digital leaders or anyone interested in adapting the entrepreneurial mindset to drive new growth.

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