Our services

Workshops & Training

We run workshop sessions with your teams to train them in the Lean Forward methodology and transform your business to a Lean Enterprise.


See some examples of workshops we have been running here:


Lean Enterprise Coaching

We coach and train key personnel in lean thinking. Especially product managers or product owners, R&D managers and innovation managers are well suited roles to coach.

Lean Forward Card Game

We are developing a quick and fun card game meant to be used as a training tool for establishing a lean mindset.

Strategic Experiment Tool

We are developing an online tool for executing strategic experiments using the Lean Forward method.

Corporate Startup Accelerator

We have years of experience running a startup accelerator and can assist you in setting up one well suited for the needs of your organisation.

Go Lean!

Digitalisation and the accelerating change of the economy means every organisation must put agility and flexibility at the top of the agenda.