Go on, build that MVP…

Experiments are good!

   Maybe it’s just my filter bubble but I see signs of organisations realising they need to be better at experimenting & learning just about everywhere.

While this is a good step forward, and certainly in line with what we preach,  don’t forget to change all the habits and processes in your company that prevents learning.

For example…

— . . .stop making huge investments in uncertain projects (uncertainty about if you manage to deliver on time and on budget is not what I’m talking about, it’s uncertainty about stakeholder value — huge investments should be in a portfolio of experiments if anything).

— . . .stop incentivising execution at the expense of exploring (like when you have a career path for managers but not for intrapreneurs).

— . . .stop letting the Highest Paid Persons Opinion (HIPPO) rule supreme (central command & control is the opposite of learning).

— . . .stop hiring people that believe they have all the answers (knowing is the opposite of learning).

— . . .stop shouting at your customers (shouting as in pushing your message in their face – talking & listening is how you learn).

I could go on like this for quite some time.

My point is: go on, take that “lean startup workshop” (we can arrange that, by the way), start doing A/B test experiments, build that MVP.

But be humble about the journey you have in front of you. It’s a long one.

Erik Starck

Erik is a Lean Forward partner and the CEO of the company.

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