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Understand Product Risks

In this workshop we discuss four types of product risk and how to mitigate them.

In a control mindset organisation, risk is to be avoided at all cost. In a learning and lean organisation, on the other hand, risk must be embraced because it is from taking risks that we challenge ourselves and learn.

Lean Startup speaks of identifying your “riskiest assumption”. But how do you know what that is? This takes a full understanding of your business goals and context.

We use a simple model to map out your risks. This “risk circle” contains four fields, each with a specific focus. During this session we dig deeper in to the four risks, how they are different from each other and which you should address first.

The session contains an exercise where we look at a project through the lens of the risk circle.


Running Lean (Ash Maurya)

Four types of Product Risk


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