Singularity University Summit in Copenhagen

Today we’re visiting the Singularity University Summit in Copenhagen, the first one in Scandinavia.

It’s fascinating to see the singularity movement grow up. A few years back, it was something for the nerds and the geeks, discussing the future of humanity between Star Trek and Babylon 5 reruns. Now, the #SUDKsummit is full of suits. Exponential means business in 2017.

What is the “singularity” you may ask yourself? It is the point in time in which the rate of technological progress and the capability of artificial intelligence increases so fast that it becomes impossible for us puny humans to keep up. Before Homo sapiens there was a prehistoric species of humans called Homo erectus. For 3 million years they roamed the earth. We have found tools from the beginning of that era and from the end, 3 million years later that are more or less the same. 3 million years without technological progress! Imagine that. That is the opposite of what the singularity means.

Things are progressing faster and faster and the future is more important than ever to understand. Looking forward to a day full of inspiration!

Erik Starck

Erik is a Lean Forward partner and the CEO of the company.