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Digitalization and startups eat your business…

…and the only response is to join the chewing. In this workshop we learn how to “unbundle” your business and discover new opportunities – and threats by doing so.

Unbundling is the process in which a previously whole offering is divided into components that can be separately delivered by different business entities. For example, a newspaper used to be the only way to get daily news, a daily comic strip, crossword puzzle and stock prices but then the internet came along and offered all these services in their own packages. The impact on the newspaper has been devastating, and it’s struggling to survive as a format.

Unbundling is a consequence of digitalisation as new platforms emerge. The risk for an established actor is that the unbundling trend is easy to miss as the new players on the market go under the radar. They appear small and insignificant. Then, all of a sudden, it’s too late.

During this session we go through the concept of unbundling and attempt to “unbundle” an existing business.

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