Visiting us at The Attic

Since April 2017 our home base is called The Attic and is located in the center of Malmö, in the south of Sweden. You’ll find a map here but we know that the Attic can be a bit tricky to find. Here’s a guide.

First, find Kalendegatan in Malmö. That’s the street with restaurant and theater HIPP which we have right next to us and the pub Paddy’s right across the street.

Look for the big flag of Hero Gaming.

Walk in to the passage right under the flag.

You will find us at the first door to the right.

Look for the Lean Forward stickers. We share the office with two amazing companies: Praqma and 6 Degrees. Now take the elevator (or the stairs) to the top floor, which is the 3rd floor.

Going by car? There is a parking house just nearby: the Hansa Garage. It has an exit on Kalendegatan about 100 meters or so from us.


Erik Starck

Erik is a Lean Forward partner and the CEO of the company.