The Lean Forward Tribe roles

These are some roles or teams you typically won’t find in a traditional organisation but they are definitely part of a Lean Forward organisation…

Growth Hunters – a cross functional team dedicated to growing the customer base and usage of a product. The Growth Hunters work with marketing experiments (“growth hacks”) as well as gamification techniques, viral factors, storytelling and every other mechanism you have for building a product people love to use, know how to find and want to spread to their friends.

Opportunity Explorers – a team constantly searching for new opportunities: products, markets, business models or features. Similar to the Growth Hunters, but this team if more focused on finding new hunting grounds, that is, discover new markets, new products, new business models and so forth. They do this typically using Design Thinking and Lean Startup techniques.

Future Scouts – a dedicated tribe of people picking up signals from the outside to prepare the organisation for change. These are the people always on the lookout for new trends, exciting startups and new technology used in an unexpected way. They gather all these signals in a radar so that the rest of the organisation quickly understand the impact and uncertainty of each trend.

Purpose Champions – cultural leaders that promote the values of the organisation and makes sure everyone understands the mission. These are the communicators and the evangelists with a strong sense of purpose and a value compass aligned with the organisation. They understand how the organisation should deliver value to all stakeholders.

With these four roles you will have an organisation that never stands still but always is eager to find new ways going forward. They are your insurance against decline due to the permafrost that can persist when the organisation focuses on optimising rather than learning.

Do you agree? Any role you’re missing?

(And of course we can help establish these roles and a way of working that suits them in your organisation.)

Erik Starck

Erik is a Lean Forward partner and the CEO of the company.